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About August 26, 2007

I am a 36yo gay man living in Phoenix Arizona. I grew up on the east coast and have lived in PA, FL, NY, MA and now AZ. My passion for foreign language and culture began early on and I’m a proficient speaker, reader and writer in French, German, Spanish and English. I’ve also studied Latin and know various tidbits in many other languages. I’ve spent time in France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Canada, as well as 35 of the United States of America in some form or fashion.

I work for an interactive advertising agency in Tempe AZ. I love what I do b/c I’m forced to navigate and overcome challenges of all sorts every single day, whether they’re related to technology, process, people and interpersonal relationships, animal, vegetable or mineral. As a Gemini, I posses an immense curiosity about the world around me and am driven to continually improve my knowledge and understanding of my environment.

For years now, I’ve maintained that the dictum “Ya learn something new every day” bears a veritable amount of truth. A few weeks ago while drivng back from a visit to San Diego, the idea for a daily blog that catalogues my discoveries and learnings was spawned. Herein lies the mission of this blog:

“To journal, on a daily basis, that which is new to me”.

That said, I hope anyone who discovers this blog enjoys a vicarious journey with me thru the info-overloaded world in which we live.


Glaucus Apfelstrudel


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