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What I learned today

August 20th, 2007 August 26, 2007

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What I learned today…

It takes 7 minutes each way from our house to the airport in off-peak traffic.

My friend jb was staying with us for a few days and he had a 10:30pm flight back home. We left for the airport around 8:50 and I was back home by 9:10pm. Including the time spent within the airport complex itself, that’s a pretty quick round-trip.


August 19th, 2007

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What I learned today…

That my payroll doesn’t always go in ahead of the due date.

I use a Credit Union instead of a detestable massive corporate bank that sees you only as a number and a dollar figure, as opposed to a human being.  I love my CU. I’ve been with them for 7 years now.  They offer unparalleled service, a multitude of free offerings, and most importantly they treat me with humanistic respect.  One of the stated benefits of using a CU is that if you have direct deposit, you receive your payroll deposit as soon as the CU receives it.  Unlike the mega-banks who hold your money, juice it overnight or during several days in a sweep account, my CU dumps my payroll into my checking account as soon as it’s transmitted by accounting.  USUALLY!

Now I understand that this may not seem fair to those who have to wait until the actual pay date as proscribed by our employer, however;

  1. As a  huge evangelist of CU’s I’ve offered to refer many a co-worker to my CU to receive the same service and bennies.  No one’s taken me up on this (aside from the payroll sitch, the CU offers so many free things that no bank on earth would ever even consider, but that’s another story).  Their loss.
  2. I’ve gotten into the bad habit of anticipating my pay being available before the actual due date.  Not a wise decision on my part.

So last weekend I expected my pay to hit all weekend long with no luck.  I spent the weekend broke, bored and frustrated.  I had lots of things planned for the weekend but I couldn’t do any of them without the funds.  The most frustrating part is that during the week, there’s no time to do these things — when the $$$ is actually avaiable.  I suppose I could have strted this blog last weekend (hey, it’s free!), but instead I slept.

Note to self: plan ahead with regard to payroll!


August 18th, 2007

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What I learned today…

If you want biscuits before your meal at Cracker Barrel, you have to ask for them that way.

My BF Jason and I partook of of typical IKEA tradition today by stopping at Cracker Barrel in Tempe before heading to IKEA. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Cracker Barrel is in Tempe (almost Chandler) and frankly too far to drive to simply eat there without an additional motive.
  2. I typically eat too much at Cracker Barrel and the subsequent several mile walk around IKEA is a great way to work off/digest all that Cracker Barrelly starchy goodness.
  3. We used to eat at the IKEA restaurant before each tour of IKEA, however every time we did I got sick and had to make an emergency trip to the bathroom in the middle of my IKEA experience. NO GOOD!

Therefore we started off our sojourn with a delicious meal of hearty goodness at the CB. Once again, when we were asked if we wanted biscuits, cornbread or both — we unanimously claimed all biscuits. We were both pretty hungry and wanted those bitches tout de suite. But no dice. The brought the biscuits with the meal. I did notice, however that a family two tables down from us asked if they could have their biscuits right away and the server said no problem and brought them right out. Note for future visits — ask for the biscuits up front!


August 17th, 2007

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What I learned today…

You can cook steak on rocks.

This evening we had a client happy hour at a Japanese tavern in Scottsdale called Taneko. One of the appetizers we enjoyed was tiny bits of Kobe beef that we cooked on a hot rock. The staff brought to our table a bamboo bowl filled with rock salt. In the middle of the salt was a smooth black stone, about 5 inches in diameter and 2½ inches tall. The stone had been heated and we placed tiny slivers of meat on the stone with chopsticks. The meat sizzled and browned very quickly. We flipped it once and finished browning the other side and then enjoyed each little morsel. The first few pieces cooked extremely quickly, although as the radiating heat was absorbed by each piece of meat, the stone began to lose its potency. There was just enough heat to cook about 8 slices of beef and then the appetizer was done. along with the stone. Those crafty Asians!


August 16th, 2007

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What I learned today…

Starbucks has round chairs so people don’t look alone.

In a client meeting today we were discussing how nothing at Starbucks is left to happensatnce and that the entire Starbucks experience is engineered from the ground up. One examples that was cited is the fact that Starbucks’ tables are round. Apparently individuals don’t appear to be quite so “alone” when seted at a table with rounded edges. If one were to site at a 4-sided table, the 3 empty spaces give the appearance of solitude. Hence, the rounded tables at Starbucks. Guh.


August 15th, 2007

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I learned today that…

Grass can grow in your bathroom.

While cleaning the bathroomI noticed something small and green sprouting from behind the loo. Low and behold it was a blade of grass that had poked thru a minuscule gap between the saltillo tile and the wall. Nature’s so crafty!